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"...Il palazzo è ampio cento piedi e tanto è grande il tappeto che vedi. Lane colorate vi ho intessuto in abbondanza, e simulano dei fiori colori e fragranza. Il suo manto orno di fiori a cento a cento eppur par leggero, da volare nel vento."
The rugmaking studies school
For many years, an increasingly broad sector of the public has shown an interest in the minor arts, with textile arts occupying a leading role in this field. The study of rugmaking is a recent study: whether recognised as an object for everyday use or as a safe investment, the rug has a millenary tradition and history that is often unknown to the general public. For this reason, the Sabahi Gallery regularly organises courses in rugmaking studies aimed both at beginners and experts. Held by Taher Sabahi and other lecturers, our seminars aim to promote awareness of the Oriental rug through its historic development, the decorative models it uses and the knotting techniques employed in the various geographical contexts.
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