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"Ricchi di spunti e suggerimenti decorativi, i vaghireh sono oggetti di grande fascino, il cui ruolo nella evoluzione della tessitura in Oriente è stato spesso molto importante."
Antique rugs
Based in Piedmont since 1961, the Sabahi Gallery is a reliable point of reference for the purchase of Oriental rugs. The windows of the Turin gallery give on to the centrally-located corso Vittorio Emanuele II. The four exhibition floors, restoration workshops, private collection in the cellar, library and conference room offer you the opportunity of discovering the extraordinary world of rugs, and of choosing your rug in a fascinating and welcoming environment. The Sabahi Gallery offers a variety of antique collectors' rugs and other textile articles, bearing witness to the productions linked to the most genuine Oriental textile tradition.
Contemporary rugs
The new Sabahi Gallery is dedicated to contemporary workshops and Oriental textiles, designed to satisfy the requirements of a young, modern interior design, fascinated by the exoticism of the East. Architects and interior designers can choose from rugs of different sizes, including unusual ones, made on commission for Taher Sabahi in workshops in which the weavers follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. Yarns spun by hand and natural dyes are the secret of the appeal of these extraordinary rugs. They are knotted in Eastern Anatolia, along the early course of the Euphrates, and in Persia in the southern province of Fars and in the north, in the area of Heriz in Azerbaijan. Orders for rugs in dimensions, designs and colours chosen by the client are also accepted.
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