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"Felice il tappeto che divene l'ombra dei passi del re di un convitto/ Egli si sacrifica sulla via come il sole; si offre ai suoi passi con la sua candida lanugine / Questo non è un tappeto, è una rosa bianca; è un prato simile agli occhi delle vere Urì / E' un giardino colmo di fiori rossi, di gigli e di rose, ed i gorgheggianti usignoli ne hanno fatto il loro nido / Dai disegni della sua trama sgorgano scintillanti cascate d'acqua, che conducono alla fonte della giovinezza..."
Maintenance and artistic research

The Sabahi Gallery also houses a restoration laboratory, in which rugs are placed in the hands of professionals who are the heirs to a long tradition. Our experts have at their disposal precision instruments and a varied assortment of yarns and dyes that are indispensable for a long-lasting and impeccable restoration. The materials and instruments used for the restoration come directly from the East. With the greatest precision, our restorers can resolve problems of ordinary maintenance, such as the closing of fringes through stitches, and the consolidation of hems and selvage, and of more complex problems, such as stitching cuts, making good any damage and the integration of missing parts. In the most serious cases, we can knot new pieces to replace missing parts or areas compromised by wear and tear and time.
Ecological washing

Ecological washing is an antique method for preserving the fibres and respecting the environment, delicately removing the dust and dirt that inevitably lodges in rugs and are absorbed by the yarns. For the ecological washing, we use soapwort, a natural, neutral and only mildly alkaline solvent that removes deposits and patinas while respecting the natural defences of the wool. We reserve special treatments for delicate and antique rugs to restore softness and elasticity to the wool, using a lanolin solution bath. In the case of silk rugs, we use softeners that are compatible with the structure of the fibres to restore flexibility and splendour. A careful drying completes the washing process, to which can be added anti-moth and anti-mite treatment.
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