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"Felice il tappeto che divene l'ombra dei passi del re di un convitto/ Egli si sacrifica sulla via come il sole; si offre ai suoi passi con la sua candida lanugine / Questo non un tappeto, una rosa bianca; un prato simile agli occhi delle vere Ur / E' un giardino colmo di fiori rossi, di gigli e di rose, ed i gorgheggianti usignoli ne hanno fatto il loro nido / Dai disegni della sua trama sgorgano scintillanti cascate d'acqua, che conducono alla fonte della giovinezza..."
In its spaces, the Sabahi gallery houses a well-stocked library specialising in the history of the rug and textiles, Islamic and Oriental art. It contains more than 2000 volumes: monographs, rare books and catalogues, all focusing on the world of the rug and of textile art, representing almost everything published in various languages on the subject since the 19th century. Particularly rich is the list of Iranian publications, almost all in Farsi, but also that of texts published in Germany, a country in which the art of the rug has stimulated particular interest and debate. An important section of the library is dedicated to periodicals, containing each years issues of sectorial periodicals published over the past few decades. The tests are organised on the basis of the various typologies and origins of the articles to which they refer: knotted rugs, gabbehs, kilims, soumacks, Turcoman, Caucasian, Chinese, Afghan and Indian works. The library also houses a rich photographic archive. More than 40,000 images, many of which taken during the course of journeys undertaken by Taher Sabahi amongst the nomadic tribes of Asia. It is possible to visit the library and consult the archives by appointment only.

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